Windows let us experience the outside world while in our home, they let in a cool breeze on a spring day, and rays of sunshine to help brighten a room. They are a vital part of any home and
should be kept updated.

Some advantages to updating your windows are:

  • Older windows tended to only be single-paned, which lets more air escape from the inside and allows the outside air in. This makes it harder and more cost prohibitive to control the temperature in your home. Most new windows are double paned which is drastically more energy efficient, they also help with soundproofing so your home can stay a quiet oasis.
  • If your windows have cracks in the windowpanes, it can not only let in a draft, but it gives an opportunity for bugs to make your house their home.
  • Have noticed an increase in allergy symptoms while inside your home? You might want to check your windows. Older windows can allow pollen into the home and new ones will allow you to keep many outdoor allergens outside.
  • Older windows are often hard to open and close. If your window gets jammed when pushing it up or down, it’s time to consider replacing it. A new window will make it easy to experience the outdoors from the comfort of your home.
  • New windows are a good way to give your curb appeal a facelift. If you feel like your home looks outdated getting new windows does not only provide practical benefits but also cosmetic ones.

These are just some of the many advantages of replacing your windows. The professionals at Maycon ensure a hassle-free no-worry process when it comes to any work done on your home. Contact Maycon Construction for more information at 304.208.8978 or for a FREE consultation!