Hiring a reputable and qualified contractor is crucial to ensuring the quality and life of your roofing project. Before deciding on a contractor, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you are hiring the right professional for the job: 

  • Are They Licensed and Insured? 
  • Can You Provide References? 
  • Do You Have Experience With Certain Types Of Roofing Materials?
  • Do You Offer Written Estimates? 
  • What Certifications Do You Have? 
  • How Long Will the Project Take? 
  • What Is Your Warranty Policy 
  • Will You Remove The Old Roof? 
  • How Will You Handle Unforeseen Issues? 

Choosing the right contractor doesn’t have to be a hassle. Call Maycon today and schedule a free evaluation and let the Tri-State’s trusted contractors answer all these questions for you.