Each year house design trends change, and we have a brand new trend for you for 2023 to give your home that curb appeal you have been waiting for. Vinyl siding is a fantastic way to update a home from outdated to one of the best on the block!

Dark colors were a popular trend for 2022, but have since faded. Lighter shades have now become more popular. Statistics show that off-white or cream shades of vinyl are now the most popular siding color for 2023, followed by white. Warm neutrals, like light grey, beige, and browns are now also a popular choice and we can help you with all of them at Maycon Construction. These choices lend to modern appeals that match a plethora of foliage, neighborhoods, and personalities.

Choosing what best suits you is always the best choice, and our experts at Maycon Construction can help you decide which color vinyl siding is right for you! Our experts specialize in vinyl siding, along with wood (cedar shake), metal, and Hardie siding installations and repairs. Contact our team today to get started! Call us at 304.208.8978 for a FREE consultation.