Roof Repair

Quality Residential Roof Repair Services

Roof repair stands as a crucial facet of homeownership, safeguarding you against the elements.

To maintain its integrity, it’s essential to address any damage promptly. Over time, roofs endure wear from various factors such as water, wind, hail storms, and pests. Incidents like fallen trees or debris can lead to significant damage. Contact Maycon Construction Services, the leading roof repair company serving Huntington, WV, and the Tri-State area, for expert assistance.

Preventative Roof Inspection

The initial step toward maintaining a well-functioning roof is conducting regular inspections yourself. Look for:

  • Loose, cracked, or missing shingles
  • Visible damage like holes, loose nails, or other issues
  • Signs of leakage such as moisture in the attic or peeling paint
  • Evidence of animal activity
  • Presence of moss or algae
  • Missing chimney caps
  • Damage to flashing

At the first indication of damage, contact our roof repair team at Maycon Construction Services for a consultation. Following a professional inspection, we’ll diagnose the issue and provide a plan for repairing your roof.

Consider scheduling periodic professional inspections to help minimize your roof repair expenses.

If your roof sustains damage, it’s crucial to address it promptly. Maintaining a dry roof is essential for safety, as damage can lead to water infiltration through leaks, ponding, or holes. Roof leak repairs should be undertaken at the first sign of damage to mitigate repair costs. Waiting until significant damage accumulates or, worse, until the roof collapses, will result in higher costs.

The Most Common Types Roof Damage

If you have a shingled roof, common issues often include mold, rot, and insect infestation. Additionally, you may notice shingles that are misaligned, damaged, or entirely missing. Keep an eye out for protruding nails, as they can expose your roof materials to mold, rot, and insect damage.

Hail damage is a frequent cause of shingle deterioration. If you have skylights, inspect the seals for discoloration and signs of leaks. Ensure that no debris is accumulating on or around the skylight edges, as it could redirect water underneath the shingles, causing hidden damage.

For chimneys, monitor any debris gathering around the base, as it may also direct water beneath the shingles. Missing bricks and mortar can further exacerbate leakage issues.

Inspect vents and other roof-penetrating elements for debris buildup and signs of decay. Should you notice any of these indicators, contact us for a consultation and inspection.

Roof Leaks & Water Damage Repair

Standing Water

Persistent standing water on your roof poses a significant concern. If water remains for more than two days following rainfall, it indicates a problem requiring prompt attention. Without intervention, this stagnant water will continue to accumulate with each subsequent rain, particularly concerning areas like Huntington with above-average rainfall.

Standing water can result in several issues:

  • Attraction of insects, promoting nesting of birds and bats
  • Growth of algae and moss
  • Potential for roof sagging or significant leaks
  • Damage to the roof membrane
  • Risk of harm to support structures
  • Acceleration of roofing material deterioration, shortening its lifespan

Addressing standing water at the earliest indication is crucial to maintaining the integrity and longevity of your roof.

Damaged Roof Materials

Should water infiltrate or pool on your damaged roof, your roofing materials become vulnerable to mold and rot. Once mold and rot take hold, the integrity of your entire roof is jeopardized. If you detect any signs of mold or rot, it’s imperative to contact us immediately for prompt repairs. Failure to address mold and rot swiftly may result in the complete loss of your roof.

While metal roofs don’t suffer from rot, they are susceptible to rust. Left unattended, rust can lead to the formation of holes, causing leaks. Periodic reapplication of the coating on your metal roof is essential to prevent rusting and scratches. Our metal roofing team will collaborate with you to devise an inspection and maintenance plan, reducing the likelihood of metal roof repairs.