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Trust Maycon Construction Services for all your roof repair projects. Roof repair is an essential aspect of home-ownership. Your roof protects you from the elements, so you want to keep it in tip-top shape. Roofs sustain damage over time from water, wind, hail storms, pests, and more. Fallen trees and other debris can cause holes and other traumatic damage. Call Maycon Construction Services of Huntington, WV, the Tri-State area’s best roof repair company.

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    Preventative Roof Inspection

    The first step towards a well-maintained roof is to conduct periodic roof inspections yourself. Keep an eye out for:

    • Loose, cracked, or missing shingles
    • Holes, loose nails, and other visible damage
    • Signs of leakage, such as moisture in your attic or peeling paint
    • Animal activity
    • Moss or algae
    • Dark spots
    • Missing chimney caps
    • Flashing damage

    At the first sign of any damage, call our roof repair team at Maycon Construction Services for a consultation. After a professional inspection, we’ll diagnose the problem and offer you a plan for repairing your roof.

    Consider scheduling periodic professional inspections to help keep your roof repair costs at a minimum.

    If your roof is damaged, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Having a dry roof is paramount to having a safe roof. A damaged roof can let water into your home through leaks, ponding, and holes. Roof leak repairs should be addressed at the first sign of damage to keep your roof repair costs lower. If you wait until substantial damage has accumulated or, worse, the roof has collapsed, you’ll pay the price—literally.

    The Most Common Types Roof Damage

    If you have a shingled roof, the most common issues we see are mold, rot and insect infestation. In addition to that, we see shingles that are out of alignment, damaged, or missing altogether. Do you see nails sticking out of the shingles or tiles? Exposed nails expose your roof materials to mold and rot and insect infestation.

    Hail damage can be the cause of failing shingles. If you have skylights, check the seals for discoloration and leaks. Be sure there is no debris gathering on or around the edges of the skylight. Debris can direct water underneath your shingles, leading to damage that may not be visible to the casual observer.

    If you have a chimney, watch for debris gathering around the base of the stack. As with the skylight, any debris that is gathering in one spot could be directing water beneath the shingles. Missing bricks and mortar can also lead to leaks.

    Check any vents or other elements that pierce the roof for debris and the appearance of rotting, as well. If you see any of these signs, call us for a consultation and inspection.

    Roof Leaks & Water Damage Repair

    Standing Water

    Water that has remained on the roof longer than two days after rainfall is an issue. If the water has been on your roof for two days, it’s highly likely that it’s not going anywhere unless you take action to remove it. If left without repair, that standing water will accumulate every time it rains. With Huntington’s higher than average rainfall, it’s crucial to repair your roof at the first sign of standing water.

    Standing water can:

    • Attract insects which will encourage birds and bats to nest
    • Lead to algae and moss
    • Cause your roof to sag or lead to major roof leaks
    • Damage your roof membrane
    • Cause potential damage to support systems
    • Increase the deterioration of your roofing materials, decreasing its lifespan

    Damaged Roof Materials

    If your roof is damaged and water gets in or pools on it, your roofing materials are susceptible to mold and rot. Once mold and rot set in, your entire roof is at risk. If you see any signs of mold or rot, call us right away to get the damage repaired. If mold and rot damage is not repaired or contained quickly, you risk losing the entire roof to it.

    Metal roofs don’t rot, but they can rust. If rusting isn’t managed as soon as you discover it, holes can develop, leading to leaks. The coating on your metal roof should be reapplied periodically to prevent rusting and scratches. Our metal roofing team will work with you on an inspection and maintenance plan to help prevent the need for metal roof repairs.

    Emergency Roof Repair Company in Huntington

    It’s not always possible to identify roof damage before a leak occurs. If your roof starts leaking, you need roof leak repair as quickly as possible. If a tree falls on your roof in a storm or landscaping accident, you need to have an emergency roof repair expert available immediately.

    If you have an emergency in Huntington, WV, or anywhere in the Tri-state area, don’t search “roof repair near me,” simply choose Maycon Construction. We are the company you need for emergency roof repair. At any time of the day or night, we can dispatch a team to help.

    Work with the #1 Roof Repair Company in Huntington, WV

    At Maycon Construction, our goal is to leave you with a roof that will continue protecting you and your family for years without breaking your bank. We will help keep your roof repair costs low by helping you maintain and repair your roof before damage has time to get worse. Our highly trained team can fix just about anything roofing related, but if the damage is beyond repair, we can also manage your roof replacement.

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