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When it comes time to replace your windows & doors, choose Maycon Construction Services for all installations & repairs. We are the Tri-State area’s top rated window contractor. Selecting and installing quality windows is very important to ensure you receive the return on investment you desire. Doing so will also sufficiently protect your home. For these reasons, it is critically important that you select a well-qualified contractor like Maycon Construction Services to complete your next window project. Call now (304) 208-8978!

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    Choosing The Right Windows

    Choosing a high-quality, affordable window is only half the battle. Improperly installed windows can allow significant water damage to your homes interior. It can also diminish any energy savings that should have been recognized and can result in mold and mildew that will reduce indoor air quality.

    Our crews will take our time and explain the various window options that may meet your needs. This allows you to decide what is best for your family without pushy sales techniques.

    Once you select new windows that fit your needs, we will carefully measure your existing windows while conducting an expansive review process to ensure the exact dimensions needed are ordered. Upon removing your existing windows, we will inspect your homes structural framing to ensure there is no existing water damage.

    Our Window Installation Process

    Following this inspection, we will properly seat and secure the window, utilize polyurethane expansion foam and specialized sealants to ensure an air and water tight seal, ensure the exterior trim is properly installed and seated to help shield the window against weather exposure and finally we will remove all debris – including your old windows –leaving your home as spotless as we found it.

    Having this level of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail will ensure you realize the return on investment you deserve and get to enjoy properly functioning window for years to come. Contact Maycon Construction Services today to discuss window options that will meet your needs and budget.

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