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Our specialization encompasses a wide range of materials including vinyl, wood (cedar shake), metal, and Hardie siding. Should your property’s siding suffer storm damage or require a comprehensive replacement, we invite you to entrust the task to the seasoned professionals at Maycon Construction Services. Contact us today at (304) 208-8978 to discuss your needs.

Siding Repair in the Tri-State Area

For minor damages like a small hole, targeted repair by replacing the affected section of siding is often a viable solution.

Our expertise enables us to assess the extent of the damage thoroughly, determining the most cost-effective and efficient course of action between repair and replacement.

Indicators suggesting the need for siding repair or replacement encompass:

  • Visible damage such as cracks, holes, or loose panels
  • Warping, bubbling, or spots of rot
  • Presence of insect damage or infestation
  • Peeling paint or fading coloration
  • Growth of fungus, mildew, algae, or mold
  • Escalation in heating and cooling expenses

For substantial siding issues, particularly in cases where the siding is over two decades old, contemplating a complete replacement becomes prudent. Various factors such as prolonged exposure to sunlight and adverse weather conditions contribute to the deterioration of siding over time.

Siding Installation

Choosing Quality Siding: Factors for New Builds and Replacements

When budgeting for siding installation, it is imperative to factor in maintenance costs. While Hardie Plank siding may entail a higher initial expense compared to vinyl, its lower maintenance costs could result in a lower overall expenditure throughout its lifespan.

For expert guidance on determining your siding requirements, identifying the most suitable siding type for your residence, and accessing top-tier siding repair or installation services in the Tri-State area, contact Maycon Construction Services in Huntington, WV. Our seasoned professionals stand ready to assist you in making informed decisions tailored to your specific needs.

Types of Siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular choice, adorning nearly one-third of all residential properties. Renowned for its affordability and longevity, vinyl, akin to most plastics, offers a cost-effective and durable solution. Available in a myriad of colors, vinyl eliminates the need for frequent repainting typical of other materials; however, it remains amenable to color changes through painting if desired.

Hardie Plank Siding

Hardie Plank siding, crafted from fiber cement, is meticulously molded into elongated strips, offering a versatile aesthetic resembling wood, vinyl, brick, or a variety of other finishes. Notably, it boasts paintability and remarkable resistance to both fire and insects. With an approximate lifespan of 50 years, Hardie Plank siding epitomizes exceptional durability and longevity, provided proper maintenance and timely repairs are observed.

Wood Siding

Wood siding exudes timeless beauty and organic charm, yet demands meticulous upkeep. A recurring necessity lies in reapplying the finish every two to three years to safeguard against rot, mildew, termites, and other environmental factors. However, diligent maintenance can extend the lifespan of wood siding up to a century, exemplifying its enduring allure when properly cared for.

Other Siding

Siding materials encompass a diverse range including metal, brick, stone, or stucco, each presenting distinct advantages and drawbacks. Considerations such as environmental impact also play a role, with some options being more eco-friendly than others. For those prioritizing sustainability in their homes, numerous environmentally conscious choices are accessible.

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