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Maycon Construction Services has extensive experience in managing siding, gutter and roofing wind and hail restoration projects. Essentially, this process starts with the homeowner noticing potential damage and then contracting Maycon Construction Services for a free consultation. One of our experts will then inspect your homes roofing, siding and gutters for wind and hail damage. If Maycon Construction Services determines there is damage consistent with a weather event, we will document this damage with photos and prepare a written work scope to address the restoration and repair of your property. We will also advise the homeowner to contact their agent and inform them of the potential damage.

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    Our Process

    Once the insurance carrier is notified, they will schedule a time to have a claims adjuster inspect the property. At this meeting, Maycon Construction Services’ roll is to assist the homeowner in showing the adjuster all relevant damage, discuss the restoration plan as documented on our written scope of roof repair or replacement, and answer any questions regarding acceptable construction practices for the restoration project. Following this meeting, the claims adjuster will either approve the claim and restoration plan as presented, approve the claim but modify the restoration plan or deny the claim altogether.

    What Happens If The Claim is Approved?

    If the claim is approved as presented, a contract between Maycon Construction Services and the homeowner will be prepared and executed. Work will then begin once a time is agreed to with the homeowner. This work will commence like any other project; however, we will ensure that all the relevant insurance documentation is prepared and presented to the carrier. Once work is complete, the homeowner will sign off on the project, we will present the final documentation to the carrier and work with the carrier to receive the appropriate funds.

    If the claim is approved but the insurance carrier wants to modify the restoration plan Maycon Construction Services will discuss the implications of these modifications with the homeowner. For example, many roofs with wind damage will have multiple locations missing shingles. The insurance carrier may want to only pay to repair these places and not replace the entire roof. However, there are guidelines that must be followed – by the contractor and insurance carriers – to ensure the homeowner’s property is restored to the pre-event condition.

    We will help you understand these guidelines and whether or not additional effort should be spent to get these claims approved. If a decision is made to continue to try to get the claim approved, a second inspection will be requested. This inspection usually occurs with a different adjuster or the same adjuster but with their supervisor’s participation as well. In our experience, many – but not all – claims can be approved following this second meeting. Pending the outcome of this second inspection, Maycon Construction Services will discuss the next steps with the homeowner and come to a mutually agreeable path forward.

    What If My Claim is Denied?

    Similarly, if the claim is denied altogether, we will advise the homeowner on the next steps of the claims approval process and whether or not we feel this effort is warranted. If so, we will work with the homeowner to request a second inspection. In the past, we have had to involve public adjusters and even work with local engineering firms to get customer claims approved. It should be stated, however, that this is not a typical scenario. In these cases, Maycon Construction Services will work with you and advise you on the steps to take that will result in the highest probability of your claim being approved.

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