Metal Roofs

Metal Roofing Services

If you have a metal roof or are considering installing one, contact Maycon Construction Services.

We provide a free consultation and estimate for metal roof replacement, repair, installation and maintenance costs. We install all kinds of metal tiles, panels & shingles! We are the best metal roofing contractors in Huntington, WV, and provide unparalleled roofing services in the Tri-State area.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

The primary advantage of a metal roof is its longevity.

The lifetime of a metal roof is about 40-70 years (copper and zinc roofs last nearly 100 years). An additional advantage is lower maintenance costs. Current paints and coatings prevent rust and corrosion, and metal roofing is practically immune to sun damage. Your metal roof will exhibit little to no chalking, fading, or discoloration, even after the hottest summer day.

Metal roofing is one of the greenest roofing materials available. It can be made from recycled materials and can be recycled again when you replace the roof.

Metal roofs can also protect you and your home from severe weather. No roofing is 100% safe from severe windstorms, but some metal roofing materials interlock and are tornado-resistant. The right metal roof can also protect you from fires and lightning strikes. Consult our metal roofing experts for the best metal roof for your home.

From a purely aesthetic basis, metal roofs can be molded to match any style of home. They can look like shingles, wood panels, tiles, and more. Metal roof materials also come in a wide variety of colors. Whatever architectural style your home is, we can find the right metal roofing material to match it.

Metal Roofing Costs in Huntington, WV

When budgeting for roofing costs, include ongoing maintenance and repair costs in your calculations.

Metal roofing costs are relatively low. Your metal roof will last a lifetime (as long as a century) and will require very few repairs, barring extraordinary events, like tornados, fallen trees, and rockfalls.

Steel and aluminum are the most common metals used in roofing materials. The advantages of these two metals are durability, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics. Metal roofing colors adhere to steel and aluminum better than to other metals. Aluminum is softer and dents easier than steel, but it doesn’t corrode. Steel is less expensive but can corrode if not maintained properly.

Other metal alloys can be used as roofing materials, too. Copper and zinc are more expensive than aluminum or steel, but each develops a patina that helps protect it from corrosion, minimizing maintenance needs and fees.

Aesthetically, many people find the patinas of the copper and zinc roofing to be appealing. Copper and zinc can also be used as accent pieces, around skylight frames, and as edging.

The cost of installing a metal roof can be affected by:

  • The size of your home
  • The pitch/slope of the roof
  • Whether you have valleys, peaks, skylights, and other openings
  • The type of metal you choose
  • If an existing roof needs to be removed

Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofs may be more durable, but that doesn’t mean they are impervious to damage.

Seals can shift, debris can gather at seams, and screws and nails can go missing. Any of these scenarios will lead to leaks. If you see signs of leaks, call Maycon Construction Services. Our team of metal roof repair experts will inspect the damage and work with you to decide whether repair, partial replacement (usually patching), or complete replacement is necessary.

Other signs your metal roof may be failing include:

  • Visible damage such as loose seams, punctures, or tears
  • Loose or missing nails
  • Signs of leakage or unusual moisture in your attic
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Exposed fastenings
  • Peeling paint or a work finish


Metal Roof Replacement

If a metal roof repair isn’t sufficient to resolve your roofing issue, you’ll need a partial or complete metal roof replacement (either of your existing metal roof or replacing a non-metal roof with a metal roof).

Metal roofs require specific placement and attachment because metal expands and contracts due to changing temperatures. If the roof is attached incorrectly, your roof will require more maintenance and repair work than it would if attached correctly.

Call Maycon Construction Services for metal roofing near Huntington, WV (serving the Tri-State Area)! Our expert roofers can handle everything from repair to installation.